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At Aspen Spa we use two of the very best pure and natural spa skincare ranges. All tanning, nail and makeup products are also high quality.

sodashi logoUsing nature’s intelligence to nurture your skin, Sodahsi has tapped into Mother Nature’s bounty to create luxurious and chemical free skincare solutions.

Sodashi skin care products are luxurious, effective and 100 percent chemical-free. Made using the highest quality natural ingredients, all of which are pure and unrefined, Sodashi formulations penetrate deeply into the layers of the skin to nourish, balance and rejuvenate. Sodashi products are not tested on animals and are free from all synthetic chemicals, preservatives and mineral oils.


Featured Treatments

Signature Face Lift Skin Peel Book Now£70 (book 4 peels for £250)60 minutes including consultation

This revolutionary treatment performed in four layers will change the image of your skin in just one application.

Ideal for skin concerns such as rosacea, dull, dehydrated, pregnant and sensitive, this peel is a blend of Vitamin C, polypeptides, chamomile, and green tea. It exfoliates off dead skin cells and delivers highly potent vitamin C and soothing agents into the skin to leave it nourished, calm and healthy. A course of vitamin C peels will restore the skin back to natural health, making this a perfect for all troubled skin types and a skin booster for bridal preparation.

Price includes free post treatment kit. For optimal results book a course of 4 peels for £250 including one post treatment kit.

Brazilian Wax Book Now£38

Kim Lawless brazilian wax. Completely bare bikini wax using hot wax for more comfort.  A thorough wax that removes every single hair from the back, front, inside and outside.  You can leave a landing strip at the top if you prefer.

Aspen Spa Signature Facial – Sodashi Thermal Infusing Indulgence Book Now£9090 minutes

This is an intensive boost of all nature’s vitamins and minerals. Sodashi’s exclusive Warm Infusing Mask will maximise penetration of these essential vitamins and minerals into the deeper layers of the skin. facial treatments include massage of the decolletage, head, neck and shoulders. This ultimate facial indulgence is tailored to your skin’s needs to purify and deeply cleanse, or nourish, to leave your skin hydrated and toned. Restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance, this is more than just a facial; it’s Nature’s Face Lift.