Eyebrow Microblading Book NowFrom £395Includes two appointments

Eyebrow enhancement with microblading is a semi-permanent treatment used to create natural looking definition and shape to the brows. Good eyebrows provide the perfect frame for your facial features and a well defined pair can accentuate your cheekbones and emphasis your eyes. The microblading technique implants pigment into the skin in fine strokes using a special tool to give the appearance of real hairs.

Our highly skilled therapist Elisa trained in London and has been honing her skills ever since. Elisa has a natural flair for creating beautiful eyebrows. The treatment takes place in two parts. The first appointment will include a detailed consultation with medical history. We will colour match and agree the shape of the brows you would like. We will then carry out the treatment with the whole session taking approximately 2-4 hours. At the second appointment 6 weeks later we will assess the brows and carry out a top up to finish and refine the result.

Eyebrow Microblading Top Up Book Now£2002 hours approx

A top up within 18 months of your initial treatment at Aspen Spa is recommended to maintain your beautiful eyebrows.

Volume Lashes Book Now£8060-120 minutes

Volume lashes including aftercare kit.

Flirties Eyelash Extensions (Full Set) Book Now£65up to 120 minutes

Flirties semi-permanent eyelash extensions are a beautiful way to enhance your lashes making them look fuller and your eyes bigger. Your lashes will be lengthened and and become thicker. Flirties eyelash extensions are professionally applied by our trained therapists ensuring a natural look and feel. Flirties lash enhancement will not damage your natural lashes and they are comfortable to wear for 8-12 weeks.

Flirties Half Set Eyelashes Book Now£4060 minutes

Flirties eyelash extensions are professionally applied by our trained therapists ensuring a natural look and feel. This beautiful lash enhancement is to the outer 2/3 of your eyes. Lashes are graduated to blend into your natural lashes. These eyelash extensions will give you a natural lash enhancement lasting 8-12 weeks. Fewer lashes are applied compared to the full set.

Eyelash infils Book Now£40 / £5060 / 90 minutes

Keep your lashes looking perfect with Flirties Infils.

Eyelash Lift Book Now£5475-90 minutes

Flirties curve system lifts and curves the lashes making them look longer and more accentuated. It also helps to make the eyes look fresher and bigger. An alternative to lash extensions this treatment takes around 75 minutes and the effects will last for up to eight weeks. A beautiful and natural effect you will love.