Aspen Spa is the place for perfectly polished hands and feet. With all the latest techniques and colours you can enjoy the view from our balcony while your nails are transformed.

Nail Care

Hands and feet are soaked, exfoliated and massaged. Nails are then trimmed, shaped and polished.

Vinylux nail polish is a new system which offers true week long wear. The two step process with self adhering colour coat not only saves you time but means you can leave the spa confident that your nails wont smudge and will look perfect for at least 7 days. Choose from all the latest shades and tones at Aspen Spa.

Express Nails – File, cuticles & polish Book Now£2830 mins
Express Toes – File, cuticles & polish Book Now£2530 mins
Manicure Book Now£5560 minutes

A full manicure including file, shape, cuticles, nail condition, hand & arm massage and 7 day Vinylux nail polish. Add shellac for an extra £5.

Pedicure Book Now£5560 minutes

A full pedicure including file, shape, cuticles, nail condition, foot file, salt scrub, foot & leg massage, moisturise and 7 day Vinylux nail polish. Add shellac for an extra £5.

Advanced Pedicure Book Now£6560 minutes

This advanced pedicure is carried out by our specialist therapist and is ideal for women and men who want to improve the condition of their feet. Includes removal of hard skin using scalpel and foot file for smooth well conditioned feet. Also includes nail preparation with clipping, filling and cuticle work. Finishes with a foot massage.

Add Vinylux nail polish for extra £5 or shellac for extra £8.

Gel Nails

We offer Shellac and The Gel Bottle with a wide variety of colours, nail art, glitter and gems. Gel is applied similarly to nail polish, however it is cured in a way that gives it great flexibility and durability. It also has the incredible shine associated only with gel nails, a must have for on trend nails.

Shellac/Gel Bottle removal & nail condition Book Now£2020 minutes
Shellac/Gel Bottle applied to nails or toes Book Now£3845 minutes
Shellac/Gel Bottle remove & reapply Book Now£4060 minutes
Shellac/Gel Bottle added to manicure or pedicure Book NowExtra £5
Gel Bottle Builder in a Bottle Book NowExtra £5
Shellac/Gel Bottle with nail art, glitter or gems Book Nowextra £8